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IDAHO <br /> nErlur fF.VT0fi <br /> eoRREc ON <br /> IV. Processing New Volunteer Applications <br /> A. Application Receipt <br /> 1. Initially, all volunteers are req uired to submit their application online. <br /> 2. VRC's will receive an email from the central point of contact for volunteer applications <br /> when an application has been submitted. <br /> 3. Log into your Volgistics account and select =from the left column menu. You <br /> Applications <br /> will see 6 tabs on the main window, see picture below. Select the third tab, <br /> fir Am* f4 &6C4ff rrL . [.xix�w"a In+o m"frmm ff ID CdvmAt btom p .,f mmia++w Am r_ <br /> a o. . <br /> - Mailbox <br /> �� �ifs }r.w�a. irr�t arra Bot <br /> Rd+v�1 <br /> APPOkadam 0 + Au sd&s p <br /> You h8V&1 Par? MO aOPFcatrans <br /> �o+w+6a.0 A;0Kakn 4321 Week dou".10 Vohod o APPkM.n 06-0&!416 3 39 ... <br /> rsl 0" n= Farm PM <br /> Ctwk#Ri`c6Nd Rd m "Tho-ch*ckApd opphcaton5 inoo ft <br /> C.k l Dow(p to dowu All or Ubu clrrckaa aPPW41Kr6 ask"; — - <br /> YW dda6tia•has LpaC*Nt 1 rli?.aadOxvir,oMf.«record, <br /> Help <br /> Ulm D"h1b10rue ewrc now yaaM mwr spD1csban nvvdp m*crtedvorrdw nxwft <br /> Flirt#a checwrmrM rcd W cath t-tord VW Wr In 10 rommov.MW CWA mo 1R*MWf*Nawt <br /> 4. Check the box next to the volunteer application and selectEE . <br /> NOTE: Once you click"Receive," a new volunteer record is automatically created! All <br /> of the information the volunteer entered in the online application will populate the <br /> volunteer record. Take note of the person who submitted the application to locate it easily <br /> later. <br /> B. Review Volunteer Record <br /> 1. Select from the left column menu. You can either: select Efrom the top of <br /> the screen to show all of the volunteer records, or select the letter of the name of the new <br /> applicant. <br /> March 2016 Page 5 of 33 <br />