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IDAHO DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION <br />Grievance Correction Transmittal Form <br /> <br />Appendix C <br />316.04.01.001 <br />(Appendix last updated 2/14/11) <br /> <br />District: Date: <br /> <br />To: IDOC Number: <br /> (Offender’s Name) <br /> <br />From: <br /> (Grievance Coordinator) <br />The attached form is being returned without action being taken because: <br /> You did not attempt to resolve the issue informally. <br /> You have three (3) grievances in the system, which is the maximum number you are <br />allowed. <br /> You have raised more than one issue. <br /> The grievance does not contain specific information such as dates, places, and <br />names. <br /> Your description of the problem is not written or typed within the appropriate area on <br />the form. <br /> The form is difficult to read and/or understand. Make it legible and resubmit. <br /> Attachments are not permitted. <br /> You did not file the grievance within the established time limit. <br /> You did not suggest a solution. <br /> You did not sign the form. <br /> You cannot grieve an intermediate sanction. See your probation and parole officer. <br /> You cannot grieve the length of your sentence, a court decision, or Idaho <br />Commission of Pardons and Parole decision. Resolve the issue with the court or <br />Commission of Pardons and Parole. <br /> You cannot grieve a previously grieved issue. I’ve determined that this issue was <br />previously grieved under grievance number: . <br /> You cannot grieve an outside problem. This issue is beyond the Idaho Department of <br />Correction’s (IDOC’s) control in the following way: <br /> <br /> <br /> Other (approved by the review or appellate authority): <br /> <br />