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CONTROL NUMBER: <br />701.04.02.014 <br />TITLE: <br />Offender Travel <br />PAGE NUMBER: <br />4 of 4 <br /> <br /> <br />Responsible Role Step Task <br />CIS Steps are in Bold <br />District Manager <br />and/or Section <br />Supervisor <br />3 Must approve any out-of-district travel for offenders on <br />supervision for a sex crime. <br />Supervising Officer 4 For offenders who receive treatment, services, or are <br />employed in a neighboring state or district on an on-going <br />basis: <br />• Grants verbal permission <br />• Furnishes the offender with a travel permit. <br />• Enters the travel information in the Travel Permit <br />hyperlink of the CIS. <br />• Prints the travel permit and obtains offender, PPO, <br />and supervisor signatures <br />• Provides the offender with the approved travel <br />permit <br />For further assistance, see your designated Super User. <br />REFERENCES <br />None. <br /> <br />-- End of Document -- <br />