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Control Number: <br />303.02.01.001 <br />Version: <br />7.0 <br />Title: <br />Classification: Inmate <br /> <br />Page: <br />13 of 19 <br /> <br />Initial classification will normally take place within 14 days, but will not exceed 30 days <br />following reception at an RDU. Inmates, who receive an initial classification following <br />commitment, while housed in a county jail, will be classified using reclassification instrument <br />during the RDU process if six months have passed since the initial classification. <br />When the need arises, unclassified inmates may be assigned to a behavioral health unit <br />(BHU) at the discretion of the facility head (or designee). Classification staff will complete the <br />classification as soon as possible following the BHU placement. Unclassified inmates in <br />BHU will be managed in accordance with BHU management guidelines and the Mental <br />Health Manual. <br />To complete an initial classification, classification staff w ill complete the following steps: <br />Functional Roles <br />and <br />Responsibilities <br />Step Tasks <br />Central <br />Classification Staff <br />1 <br />Review sentencing information, PSI report, and complete a <br />criminal background check. <br /> If any felony detainers, warrants, or ICE detainers are <br />found, notify warrant/detainer staff and/or the IDOC victim <br />services coordinator if any no contact orders are found. <br />2 <br /> Enter the CIS classification screen, and enter criminal and <br />escape history. <br /> Notify the RDU/facility classification staff that the <br />classification is complete. <br />RDU Classification <br />Staff 3 <br />Open a new classification in CIS: <br /> If in your professional judgment (considering behavior, <br />programming needs, etc.) the adjusted classification result <br />is the appropriate custody for the inmate, complete the <br />CIS classification process. Skip to step 7. <br /> If in your professional judgment (considering behavior, <br />programming needs, etc.) the adjusted custody level is not <br />appropriate, select the applicable discretionary override <br />check box, select the recommended custody level from the <br />dropdown list, and document the rationale for your <br />recommendation in the comments section. <br />RDU Review <br />Authority 4 <br /> Within three working days of the notification, enter the CIS <br />classification screen, review pending discretionary <br />override. <br /> Review the discretionary override and select the custody <br />level you recommend from the dropdown list. <br /> Document the rationale for your recommendation in the <br />CIS comments section. <br /> Notify the applicable facility head of the discretionary <br />override request. (If the facility head is unavailable, you <br />may contact the classification manager (or designee) who <br />will assign the final custody level in lieu of the facility <br />head.)